Parking space?

Don’t bother parking in your own space, if your neighbour has a space, park there – get your friends to park there as well.

It’s a good idea to start work early, get your mates to pick you up in a dirty old van. Make sure the horn works so your mates can wake you up at 6.00am, a blasting horn is a good substitute for an alarm clock!

Carpets are for old fogeys, get hardwood or laminated flooring – make sure you always wear shoes when walking on it.

Don’t bother with a fixed phone – get a cordless or mobile – talke very loudly on it (preferably outside late at night).

Your home is your castle – you can do anything in it you want to – bo****** to anyone else!

Don’t worry about where to go when the clubs shut, just get all your mates together and go back to yours – party all night long, it’s great fun: make sure you carry on playing loud bass music, drinking, laughing, shouting etc.

Submitted by: Hollygolightly