Angels, stones and fire engines…

1. If the little angel has thrown a stone at you, has missed and has smashed your living room window, it is your fault for not being in the way of the stone! You also then have to pay the £50 quid excess on your insurance as a boarded up window is really not my style.

2. When the little angels break through your fence while you are on a weekend break and set fire to your husbands car, you come home to your drive gates hanging off their hinges. At this point to see the fire engine gaining entrance to put out the car ‘project’ that is on fire and had a full tank of petrol. Why on earth would I try to talk to their parents who don’t give a damn and are that drunk you can not have a human conversation with them? Then you have to pay £100 quid to get your gates fixed.

3. Oh and I nearly forgot why am I moaning when they are kicking their footballs at my sky dish and I have had to pay twice to have it re-aligned?

4. Before I go I have to get up at 6am to go to work. How dare I need any sleep when my neighbours are playing lovely loud bassy music till 5am? Should I be amused or scared when I complained to the authorities and the whole family who have several houses on the hill where I live are all staring at me and laughing? Should I be intimidated or feel sorry for them? At the moment I will be honest, I’m leaning at the moment on the intimidated side.

Submitted by: Debbie