More on how to harass, stalk, intimidate and annoy your neighbour to the full!

If you have access to the side wall of your neighbour’s home and there are no windows there, smash in air conditioners or pipes or anything else there and deny you did it. Tell your neighbour he/she probably did it themselves so they would have something to complain about.

Bang on the outside wall of your neighbour’s house at all hours (even midnight) then deny it.

Bring home a full sized commercial bus or truck and start it at 5.30am every morning and let it run for at least 5 or 10 minutes to gas out your neighbours and wake them up.
(An old smoky truck or bus is best).

Stalk your neighbours. If you see them in the shop, wait near the door and say something nasty to them when they pass you. If they turn around and answer back, pull yourself up to your full height and say “Who are you?” to them. This will really throw them off balance.

Has your neighbour got a new car? Scratch it. How dare they have a new car! (even if it is 10 years old).

Start a Christmas in the street party and bad mouth your neighbours to the ones that come to the party. (Your neighbour wont come if they see you and your cronies are running the party).

Spend your time going around the street and being friendly to anyone who will listen to you. Learn their first names and bad mouth your neighbour to everyone who will listen (even the postman).

Spray weedkiller on your neighbours plants.

If you know any of your neighbours friends or relatives, try bad mouthing your neighbour to them. Tell them your neighbour is weird, twisted and bitter and has no cars visiting. Deny any wrongdoing on your part.

Make friends with the police and local Government and make sure they know your neighbour is the problem and not you (haha).

Take an obvious unhealthy interest in your neighbours children to scare them.

Submitted by: Anon.