How to harass, stalk, intimidate and annoy your neighbour to the full!

Throw things on the roof of your neighbour’s house (especially at night when you see their lights on). Pick objects that will roll loudly.

Get a slingshot and you can fire things at your neighbours windows and even aim at metal objects near their windows (such as hot water systems) to make a noise. Bedroom windows are good targets at night, you can hit them with bits of wood or pebbles fired with your slingshot.

Shine a portable spotlight on the neighbours windows at night. Bathroom and lounge room windows are good targets. If anyone asks you what you are doing say you are looking for Rusty the cat or that you thought you saw a prowler.

Hose your neighbour in their back yard and when they call the police, tell them you thought it was a prowler (even though it is broad daylight).

If you live in separate units and you know where your neighbours phone line goes into their house, do some gardening and accidentally cut the phone line.

If your neighbours have children, wait till they are home alone and stand like a soldier at the top of their driveway so they become unnerved. It is not illegal to stare at your neighbour’s house.

Kick footballs and soccer balls so they hit your neighbours new garage door.

Throw things at your neighbours cat if it dares to come on your property.

Throw small bones over the fence if the neighbour has a dog. Small bones can wreck a dogs throat and may even kill it.

If you know where the neighbours storm water pipe goes if you live in single unit accommodation, see if you can block it up and watch the fun as their house floods when it rains.

Submitted by: Anon.