Geetar and drums and…..

Let your kids hold their band practices at home instead of practicing through their PC’s, turning it right down at 21.00 and off at 23.00 – don’t let them waste their money (and yours!) on hiring a hall and transporting the real amps and drum kit etc. all the way there.

Let them use their whole drum kit – as pictured, guitar – as pictured (but black); bass guitars, etc.

ALL their amplifiers – as pictured but about 20 of them (aka ‘Sonic Attack’) and 500 watts each REAL music power (none of this PMPO rubbish) – allow them to throw their hair about and wander about sweat soaked and stinking (instead of bathed and with hair neatly tied back) covered in leather and spikes. Ensure they have preference and ability for thrash, death and black metal music.

Submitted by: Tannasg (Big Mama)