Get a junk-heap!

Can’t annoy your neighbour in the day because you have a job? Don’t let them have a peaceful day off……….. get a dog and lock it up in the house when you are at work, that barking will sort them out!

Why go to the expense of buying a working car and garage when you can park an old junk-heap outside your neighbour’s and ‘do it up’ for years. While you are out there every day, play loud music from the house so that you can hear it on the street for added pleasure.

Always place your hi-fi speakers on the party wall, no need to leave out the neighbours when you want to enjoy some good music.

Always have an awful taste in music so the neighbours can’t even enjoy the music they are forced to hear.

Have a favourite track to play again and again and again and……….. no one could possibly be irritated?

Submitted by: Eckie