Living with NFH: (from a sufferer’s point of view living with a Neighbour From Hell!)

Leave the dustbin bag stuck in the gate for a week (the NFH).

Speak to a neighbour, and God forbid, laugh!

Speak on the mobile, we may have friends.

NFH Water the garden in summer, definately not allowed!

Have visitors, the dogs next door don’t like them.

Talk in the evening the telly goes up next door, even though the NFH can only hear us if an ear is against the wall.

Go out. If unexpected, the ‘glasses are against the front window’ if we arrive home unexpectedly.

Mow the garden, definately a no go when NFH is out, the dog’s make sure of this!

Never have a lie in unless NFH lets you, after all dogs will bark won’t they.

Don’t complain to NFH you will end up with broken eggs dripping down the wall, or the police on your doorstep!

Submitted by: April