(Submitted by: Rosie Q)


I’m living in Hell!
Neighbours from Hell?
Making peoples lives Hell?
They sure as Hell are!

We’re having a Helluva time!
Rowdy little devils running riot,
Stoning windows, shouting, hurling insults,
Heroin addicts dealing drugs to mates,
Car thieves, joyriding high on Whizz by night,
It’s Hell to live with and Hell to tackle!

“Give ’em Hell,” they tell me.
“Sort them out. Tell them ‘Go to Hell.’”

Who do they think I am?

But this is a Hellish situation.
Who the Hell else is going to deal with it?

Angels don’t stand up to Devils,
Not where I live!
Just me,
Trying to give them Hell,


The closing date for the NFHiB Forum Poem Competition was November 22nd 2004.

The Remit was: 1. Poems to be kept to a maximum of 250 words. 2. The competition was open to members of the NFHiB Forum Community only. 3. Poems to describe a past or current Neighbour From Hell (NFH) or the feelings, circumstances around a ‘NFH’ etc.