(Submitted by: FreakyFun)

“Be positive”. That’s what my mother used to say,
I don’t know if she meant my blood,
Or how to act each day.

“Be positive”. I thing we all can do,
Whenever we walk out the door,
Or sit upon the loo!

“Be positive”. A lovely frame of mind,
It lets us become stronger,
And never left behind.

“Be positive”. You’ll seem to almost glow!
A shining light of happiness,
So why not have a go?

The closing date for the NFHiB Forum Poem Competition was November 22nd 2004.

The Remit was: 1. Poems to be kept to a maximum of 250 words. 2. The competition was open to members of the NFHiB Forum Community only. 3. Poems to describe a past or current Neighbour From Hell (NFH) or the feelings, circumstances around a ‘NFH’ etc.