(Submitted by: Ester)
1st Place!

Who could this nice new neighbour be?
Who sticks like sugar and carmine jam,
Who likes to appear so warm and free,
And hides her claws under down and charm.

Get to know this poor weak creature,
Who loves uniforms where crease is count,
Receiving hurt with obedient gesture,
or shrieks as gaily as lovers sound.

She paints pain as we would pleasures,
Stabs me with joy to gain some power.
Keeps up appearance to impress us,
Sterile rooms, where she lives and cowers.

Her pet and neighbours fulfil similar needs,
Are cute when useful or useful as scapegoats.
She bears frustration, has no friends in need,
By manipulation she lures them in all suits.

That bit of clout is her fuel to survive,
Known past and now only love that’s perverted.
Still no strength to look where blame lies,
Her cry is: “Release me, I am the Prisoner!”

The closing date for the NFHiB Forum Poem Competition was November 22nd 2004.

The Remit was: 1. Poems to be kept to a maximum of 250 words. 2. The competition was open to members of the NFHiB Forum Community only. 3. Poems to describe a past or current Neighbour From Hell (NFH) or the feelings, circumstances around a ‘NFH’ etc.