Protecting Your Property

Protecting Your Property

Protecting Your Property: A guide to the law for landowners

By: Andrew Barsby, 2000 (Publisher: A.W. & C. Barsby).

ISBN 0 9521625 6 3 , paperback, 407 pages.

Available From: A.W. & C. Barsby direct.

Cost: £29.50, inclusive of post and packing.

Appropriate to Subject Title: Yes, this book covers law for landowners and property/home owners in England and Wales.

Manageability: Quite heavy, but a manageable size. The book has just over 400 pages and is attractively bound in a durable cover. The book measures approx: 19.5 cm by 23cm.

Contents/Index: The contents page covers 10 pages and features a very comprehensive list which makes it easy to find what you need.

Reference Layout: References are suggested in the book and these point you to other pages where a similar topic is covered.

Cross Referencing: The cross-referencing looks somewhat complicated but is good nevertheless. It consists of signs – e.g. ‘signpost’, ‘key’ and ‘treasure chest’ symbols. A full meaning is given at the front of the book to explain these symbols.

Internet Links: This publication provides the main source of information and you are able to double-check for updates on the web site. An explanation on how to use the internet site is given on page 22.

Jargon: Jargon is used, however the author does try to explain the meanings of words used at the beginning of each section. This is also continued throughout the book. There is not a requirement that you have a full understanding of jargon in order to make good/appropriate use of this publication.

Summary: This book is packed full of information regarding the law. It explains in clear and practical terms the meanings of legislation and how responsible landowners should be when protecting their own interests and when they should consider respect for others.

The publication also examines noise and other neighbour problems, including boundary issues.

If you have a long term neighbour problem or a dispute which is related, this book is very worth the money. It clearly states inside the publication that the material is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice but constitutes a clear guideline of the rights that you are entitled to.

Andrew Barsby has again excelled with a superb publication which is thoroughly recommended, this is user-friendly material within an often more complicated subject matter. The book is clear, concise, detailed and will arm you with the facts, information and resources to fully empower you within any neighbour or property related situation.

A simply must have publication if you are experiencing property related long-term issues. Protecting Your Property is reasonably priced, considering the large amount of effort, detail and research that has been packed into this title.

Overall Rating – (out of 5): ***** (5 Stars)