Caravan Sites & Mobile Home ParksCaravan Sites and Mobile Home Parks: The Legal Framework (2nd ed.)

By: Andrew Barsby, 2001 (Publisher: A.W. & C. Barsby, re-printed November 2002).

ISBN 0 9521625 7 1, paperback, 223 pages.

Available From: A.W. & C. Barsby direct.

Cost: £35, inclusive of post and packing.

Appropriate to Subject Title: Yes, very much related.

Manageability: A good size book, not too big to handle. The book measures 24cm by 18cm.

Contents/Index: We thought this was good; the book has an excellent contents page situated at the front of the edition. There is an easy reference index at the back of the book which contains more detail to help with what you may be looking for.

Some readers may feel a little daunted with using some of the listed legal acts.

Reference Layout: Again this is good, there is an effective appendix at the end of the publication which can be used in conjunction with the index and content pages. The cross references are more detailed.

Cross Referencing: Many articles in the book are cross referenced. This is excellent, but does mean however you will need to mark several pages if you are seeking a more detailed picture. All paragraphs are numbered to make searches easier to use/find.

Internet Links: The author explains how the book should be cross-referenced with the website for updates on law and legislation. The website address is contained in the publication. This is a forward-thinking and modern approach.

Jargon: There is some jargon in this publication, perhaps unavoidably contained due to the legislative nature of this publication. The author does explain some of this at the beginning of the edition (within the glossary from pages 17 – 20).

Summary: This publication covers a wide range of issues that relate to Caravans, Mobile Homes, Gypsy Sites and the planning issues for such sites. It covers legislation and the law on many issues such as rubbish, noise, harassment, dogs and disorderly behaviour.

The author appears to have been quite thorough and it certainly seems that much information and details have been covered in this edition.

By reading this book you will have gained more understanding and knowledge into your rights and those of the individuals living in caravans, mobile homes or gypsy sites.

Neighbours From Hell in Britain recommend this publication to people who need to understand about these issues discussed and read through them in some detail.

Priced at £35, we feel this publication may be a little overpriced, but in fairness does include the price of posting and packaging. The price may also reflect the research detail that has gone into this edition.

Overall Rating – (out of 5): **** (4 Stars)