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Hooked on Pop Idol?

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  • Hooked on Pop Idol?

    I've just read this on BBCi and couldn't resist posting it.....

    Ant and Dec have been named as the hosts of World Idol on Christmas Day.

    The popular pair will front the show, which will see Will Young battling it out against Pop Idol winners from 10 other countries.

    They'll be singing in front of a panel of international judges, including Simon Cowell and Pete Waterman.

    But it'll be up to the public to vote for their fave singer, and the results will be announced in the grand final which will be shown on New Year's Day.

    Pop Idol has been a massive success around the globe. It's now been broadcast in more than 20 countries.

    What it doesn't say is whether the proceeds will be going to charity or not :unsure:

    ....they may have just reached the bottom of the barrel.

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    well , we could have seen that coming! :blink:

    i think will young stands no chance...and i wonder if he will be shown up rather badly actually. his voice is nowhere near as good as the winner of the american idol.

    anyway i shall be watching :hihi:

    and remember, they scraped out the barrel when they did junior eurovision, this cant possibly be as bad as that! ! :lol: !

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      oh no!!

      please not more pop idol!! :zzz: and they say there are too many auction shows on!!


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        World Idol :blink:

        I read that too.

        Sometimes they take things too far, they find a winning formula and just keep pushing it and pushing it, does get on your nerves abit. Well it does mine

        Having said that, Will Young WILL have strong opposition against the might RUEBEN :P

        Not that I'm hooked on Pop Idol at all

        Well maybe just a tad


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          Hi Maria,

          What's sadder for me is that I know exactly what and who you are all talking about!!

          My New Years Resolution is going to be to watch less Pop Idol...... :blush:

          Blue Cow


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            I'll drink to that Blue

            :glug: :drunk:

            I hope they find someone better than Ryan Seacrest next year :lol: :lol:



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              You not weird at all SP.

              I have been hooked on all four BB's but I thought the last one they were clutching at straws a bit to draw the audience.

              I think these things have had their day really now. (I do so hope)

              Not even watched the Salon.


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                GEEEEEEEEZ, I must be really SAD.

                I watch POP IDOL from Start to Finish.

                Think Will Young has a great unusual singing voice, and well deserved to win last years PI.

                Surely it cant be just me that likes it.

                And Yeahhhhhhhh, cant wait for World Idol on Christmas Day.
                The Security Installer


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                  Couldn't agree with your more HN.

                  I did see a bit of the one with the models.

                  They also did a bit of something like that in the first "Pop Stars" when Nigel told Kim Marsh the goose had gotten fat!!!!

                  And yes, at the end of the day it is all just cheap television.

                  Thats why tonight (and this may seem even sadder than being a BB addict) I watched an old war film on BBC2 :blush: just to watch something different and real for a change. But then I couldn't resist and put the Pop Idol results on but it did make a change for a saturday night. :cry:


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                    Can agree with you the SI about Will's voice

                    Hoping Santa will bring me his CD :blush:


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                      Letter to Santa already gone HN

                      Just worried cause I ain't got no chimney here :blink:

                      Will have to leave the front door open again and hope the reindeers follow the carrots I'll be leaving on the driveway

                      Just hope the Ivorettes don't come and pinch 'em for their dinner :lol: :lol: