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  • Music to relax to

    Well it sounds as if many of us are suffering at this time of year

    Be it from unwanted trick-or-treaters, loud explosive fireworks (they’re going off as I type!), vandals, or even NFH’s doing their gardening in their pyjamas :blink: (!), so I thought that it would be a fitting time to start a topic on good music to relax to.

    Do you have any favourite music that you find helps to chill you out? :music:

    What kind of music helps you to switch off from your NFH?

    At the risk of throwing myself open to ridicule over my own music tastes (!) I thought I could start off with some of my favourites (and yes, they are all NFH tried and tested!)

    Simon & Garfunkel – The Definitive Collection

    Coldplay – Parachutes

    George Michael – Listen Without Prejudice

    Brand New Heavies – Brother Sister

    Suzanne Vega – Solitude Standing

    Sting – (Best of!)

    My knowledge of classical music is limited, but I do love piano music, and I frequently listen to Chopin’s Etude in E Major (Op 10, No3) as it’s a wonderfully relaxing and beautiful piece.

    What are your favourites, and do you have any good relaxation tips? :music:

    Please share them with us.

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    Whitesnake ... loud

    Pinkfloyd ... loud

    Rainbow ... loud

    Meatloaf ... loud

    ... get my drift. :lol:

    Naighbours? ... can't hear anybody. :hihi: :thumbs:
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      Now to music to relax by:

      Anything by Enigma (particularly the CD with Sadeness and Principle of Lust on)


      Abba (makes us feel young and carefree again)! :hihi:


      Diana Ross (the earlier Motown solo stuff)

      Chris Rea

      Eva Cassidy (what a pure voice she had....sad)

      Meatloaf - his power ballads

      Whitney Houston (before she funked up!!)

      Classical - Ravel's Bolero

      Blue Cow - stuff what others may think - if you enjoy, then carry on and enjoy! :P

      Relaxation tips. Kids in bed. J in bed (!!). Me sat in conservatory, CD on, a few fags and good red wine (or sometimes gin). Lovely! J relaxes as she has a chance to get to sleep before I arrive and start snoring!!! :blush:

      Or, family walk on the beach - the ions or whatever they are sure relax you!

      We watched that programme on meditation last night. We are thinking of starting that. Looks good.

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        Anything by Fine Young Canniballs - loud with headphones on!
        "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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          Dido......that woman's voice is bliss, and great to wind down to.

          The Waterboys.

          Ministry of Sound Chill-out sessions.....mmmmm!

          All I can think of, off the top of my head