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  • Fancy a flutter.......?

    Okay, it's only October (but what the hey, all the shopping centres have their decorations :santa: up already).

    Ladbrokes have already started taking bets on the Christmas Number One :music: , and guess what?

    Pop Idol is evens to win.

    Even though no-one's won it yet and no-one's heard the song.

    Sad and predictable times we are living in!!

    On an even more predictable note, Sir Cliff is at 10-1 (never write him of at Christmas!)

    Here are the listings:

    Pop Idol evens

    The Darkness 7/1

    Avid Merrion 10/1

    Sir Cliff Richard 10/1

    Blue 16/1

    Alex Parks 20/1

    Bill Nighy 20/1

    Westlife 20/1

    Busted 25/1

    Fast Food Rockers 25/1

    Gareth Gates 25/1

    Girls Aloud 25/1

    Kylie Minogue 25/1

    Robbie Williams 25/1

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    Avid merrion!

    at least every other year its a naff record by a pretend character

    I have'nt heard it or know what its about but thats my choice!! :lol:

    better get down the bookies then!


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      God only knows!! Haven't heard of a couple of 'em! :lol:

      I'll go for Blue, 'cos...well, no reason really, except it's the name of my sister's cat!

      Always a good way to pick 'em :P :lol:



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        at least every other year its a naff record by a pretend character

        Shucks....I forgot about that...thanks for reminding me. They'll all be coming out of the woodwork over the next month or so.

        I'll hold off my bet just yet!


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          Alex Parks

          What do we win if we're right BC? :lol:


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            What do we win if we're right BC?¬*

            Holly - now you're just piling on the pressure.

            I can come round and Carol sing if you want? Either that, or the prize will be the self-satisfaction that comes with the knowledge that you guessed right!


            Right......I'll get my song sheets out and start rehearsing.

            Does anyone know the second verse of Good King Wenceslas?


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                I'll go for Kylie Minogue - but not necessarily because of her singing :yes:


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                  Eskander - whatever can you mean??


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                    The Pop Idol song is going to be all of the twelve finalists singing "War Is Over" together :blink: (sorry, but it sounds like it's going to be horrendous!)

                    The Osbournes are in the running too....

                    (Quoted from BBC Online):

                    Ozzy Osbourne and his daughter Kelly are the latest artists to announce their bid for the Christmas number one.

                    The pair will sing together for the first time on the duet, Changes, released on 8 December

                    The song is a new version of a track originally recorded by Ozzy's old band Black Sabbath. It appeared on the 1972 album Black Sabbath Volume 4.

                    The Osbournes are the latest in a string of high-profile acts bidding for this year's Christmas chart-topper.

                    The 12 Pop Idol finalists are currently 3/1 favourites to top the charts over the festive season with a cover version of the John Lennon classic Happy Xmas (War Is Over), released on 15 December.

                    The Darkness are second favourites for the Christmas number one with their seasonal track (Christmas Time) Don't Let The Bells End.

                    Sir Cliff Richard, comedian Avid Merrion and Blue are also expected to release festive songs.

                    Gennaro Castaldo of music retailer HMV said: "This could be one of the tightest races for the Christmas number one in recent years."


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                      Oh, I was wondering about the Pop Idol thing.

                      I'd heard on the radio that the way the show was running, they wouldn't be finished in time for Crimbo, so no number 1. And I thought Hooray for that!!

                      So now, we'll have ALL of them to suffer - eeeek! No doubt the gullible public will buy it in droves and it will go to no. 1 , so I reluctantly put my cyber quid on that one to win


                      :music: unk:


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                        so I reluctantly put my cyber quid on that one to win

                        Mazza - me too (although I would so much prefer otherwise :sad: )


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                          Me thinks (hopes) Gareth's Gates's career is over. Last single and CD flopped badly :P
                          "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                            Originally posted by Eskander@Oct 30 2003, 12:40 PM

                            I'll go for Kylie Minogue¬*¬* -¬* but not necessarily because of her singing :yes:
                            Ahhhhh.....My Kylie :wub:

                            She loves me, see:

                            But I have to say 'The Darkness'


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                              hazelnut, dont even joke about that man getting to number 1 yet again with his inane drivel.

                              yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk


                              come on the Darkness!!!!!! :newyear:

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                              Is simply taking and not giving

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