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  • does anyone know

    we have had to report some trees to the council which are on the land behind us, the local children have reallt damaged some of them this year, pulling the bark off them and then spray painting them silver

    also where they have climbed them they have caused a lot of damage, breaking branches off and stuff

    the council have had a look and we have been told they are going to thin the trees out to stop the kids from building dens in them and they are going to crown them

    what does that mean, crown them??

    we think it means they are going to take the bottom branches off to stop climbing children and it will make the top of the trees seem higher but we are not sure

    any ideas please??

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    It sounds like the council may be thinking of chopping the poor trees heads off

    Shame on them!! :sad:

    Although Beth, I don't think that it may be as dramatic as this. There are many ways to cut back trees to stop kids climbing them and to help let light through etc. Our council have cut some of our trees back recently and they basically thinned them out and look any lower branches off.

    Fingers crossed....


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      As far as I know, crowning is quite drastic - might end up with a trunk and a few pokey-out bits :blink:

      Lots of Councils do it - it keeps the trees neat and lets light in, potentially putting off persons who like to hide in dark places and cause mischief... Also, I think it stops the roots spreading which can upend paving slabs, paths and even house foundations.

      It will be a bit of a shock when you first see it

      But, the tree will still be alive and delicate shoots will start to appear again with leaves and it will look allright- eventually...


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        Crowning is when they take the tops off. This lets a lot more light in for the trees. The kids will be unable to climb as high, or build dens without being seen. Which is safer for them. At the same time they will take all dead wood out, this will help the tree to put all it's resources into producing new branches. Instead of wasting it's time on damaged less productive branches.

        The trees will flower alot better, next year. They will look butchered at first, but you will see great results.

        We have 2 large Cherry trees, Lilac trees and 9 Leylandi trees which we have done each year. We chainsawed a lot of branches from our Cherry trees which were damaged by local nutters.


        P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you had a good day.


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          thanks everyone

          makes me a bit sad to think they are going to have their heads chopped off :sad:

          but if its for the best, they will have to cope with it, and so will I!

          it will effect my neighbour over the road more than me, but we have a bit of a plan, when they have been with their chainsaws, we are going to scatter some seeds around the area, like hollyhocks and foxgloves and stuff

          hopefully it will cheer the area up a bit!

          Thanks GG I had a good day!


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            Now I'm really confused! The council told us they were crowning some trees behind my house last year, and what they did was remove a very few of the lower branches :blink: :blink: Must have another go, and see what response I get this time!



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              just read the email again and it say
              lift the crown of the trees

              silly me!!

              which would fit in with what sapphy said.

              either way it will do the trees a favour!


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                Excellent - no beheadings then!!



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                  No, just chopping their bottoms off. :blink:

                  Don't know what's worse. :blink:


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                    Don't you worry,

                    it'll be lovely and you can still do your eco-terrorism bit by sprinkling the hollyhock and foxglove seeds :lol:


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                      yep, by the spring it will be Pretdy!! :lol:

                      just waiting now for them to actually come and do it!


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                        When all branches et are cut off I think it's called pollarding. They do grow again.

                        Beth - ever tried sucking the nectar out of foxgloves in the spring. We used to do this when kiddies (weird, us country folk!). Trouble is you have to pull flower off, so would probably get done for assault these days!
                        "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                          Is that not a wee bit dodgy with the foxglove - digitalis connection? or am I muddled



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                            Muddled also, Red1 :blink: I'm not trying it first!!! :lol:



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                              Originally posted by JOHN.S@Oct 20 2003, 8:17 PM

                              Beth - ever tried sucking the nectar out of foxgloves in the spring. We used to do this when kiddies (weird, us country folk!).
                              Yikes, minding a stray bumble bee or wasp in the way?! Could be dodgy! :lol: