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Hundreds of police officers convicted

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  • Hundreds of police officers convicted

    I don't want to post this here as it is unlikely it will be seen, but where else can I put it.

    You can go to each forces disciplinary hearings; they are public affairs. I had a look at my forces website a few months ago and was simply shocked at the number of constables and PCSO currently being disciplined. You can go back months to see what they have been doing; there was blackmail, rape, sexual assaults, stealing, drug-dealing. You name it they were doing it. Most of the punishments appeared appropriate but still a shock at how many were given warning and here is the funny thing; sent on a course!! for the offences. one illegal act by a constable should be instant dismissal and taken through the courts.

    Each force has it’s own hearings system as standard and can be accessed and attended by the public. Perhaps, if members of the public attended the punishments would become more appropriate with the kind of sentence the public would get.—Forthcoming-public-misconduct-hearings (Downloadable PDF’s at bottom of the page)

    17 years ago the police said, trust us we'll fix it, but I am still waiting filled with empty promises

    Years of CCTV footage of my nfh causing criminal damage to my property, abuse, 3 assaults, death threats, stage managed incidents, throwing their dog shit in my garden, false allegations and not one conviction against them, why?

    If the Law is the same for everyone, why does the outcome depend on who you are?

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    There is no point in giving false hope or misleading information