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BB - What A Brilliant Concept

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  • BB - What A Brilliant Concept

    Sorry, but as Billy Connolly was saying - why sit and watch a bunch of people sitting in a house. I just don`t get it. Celebrity BB was bearable, but this is just trosh. (Trosh is TM, Reinen 2003)

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    I agree Reinen i think they should stop BB now, but seeing as the viewing figures are still so high we will be inflicted for a long time yet. I know we can all say, why watch..but somehow you get sucked in....I find this series intensely boring as they are all so aware of the cameras and mindful of what is going on outside all the time, that none of them are showing their true personalities, and they try to talk in riddles to disguise what they are saying which is very annoying.

    oh well only a week to go and then they will all vanish back into their obscure lives...i wonder what Ri ISE will do then seeing as they have been leeching off BB for the past xxx amount of weeks...

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      hehe they`ll most likely shorten that woman presenter`s skirt a little more. That should make up for the loss of BB.


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        He he, they'll loose thousands of viewers if she started weariing trousers!


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          Ahhh, peasants! :lol: :lol: :P

          I must admit I didn't watch BB1 or BB2, fell into watching BB3 by accident after promising myself I wouldn't!


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            We should be able to put forward our nfh, if they all got together in the BBH can you imagine what the outcome would be. This would be the first time funerals would be held live on TV. I can put forward the first nomination! :angel: Peace