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Friday Night Eviction

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  • Friday Night Eviction

    Well there I was waiting for the BB eviction tonight (Friday) and all I could see was that 'Friends' programme on instead.....odd I thought, maybe a glitch in SKY Digital - flicked over to terrestrial Ch. 4, nope, still Friends.

    Says on the ticker tape on E4 they've had some kind of "security risk" and all production staff have been removed etc, etc?

    Anyone know what it was about?!

    Eviction Night is now Saturday I believe?

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    Well it bobbled up my Friday night that's all I can say.

    Ended up watching Gardeners World (which was quite enjoyable ).


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      it was a bomb scare!

      even the housemates were removed.


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        From the Beeb News:

        Alert delays Big Brother eviction

        The latest eviction from Channel 4's Big Brother house was delayed after the premises were evacuated following the discovery of a suspect package at the television studios.

        But the security alert turned out to be a false alarm when the suspect box discovered in studios near the house was found to only contain electrical equipment, said Hertfordshire Police.

        Army bomb disposal experts examined the Elstree complex before declaring it safe on Friday night.

        It is thought the alert began after the sniffer dog reacted to pyrotechnic residue in the stage area.


        The housemates cheered when they were told they would have to evacuate the house, according to a Big Brother spokesman.

        But their every move was watched on camera as they waited in a secure location elsewhere in the studios for three hours until the alert was over.

        On their return, housemate Chef Gos Gosal said: "Can you believe it?

        "We went behind the scenes! We were out of the house man!" .

        He was one of the three housemates who will now have to wait until Saturday to hear if he will be leaving the house for good as Friday's live eviction was postponed until 2100 BST on Saturday.

        The 31-year-old, from London, was 1/7 favourite with bookmakers Ladbrokes to become the seventh contestant to leave the Channel 4 reality show.

        Nush Nowak, 23, a student from Malvern, Worcestershire, had odds of 4/1 for eviction; while IT systems administrator Ray Shah, 25, of London, was 25/1 outsider to go.

        The trio faced the public vote after getting the most nominations from fellow contestants on Monday.

        Newcomer Lisa Jeynes, 35, from south Wales said in the diary room that the six remaining housemates were lazy and dull - and acted as if they were stuck in a "boring marriage".

        Revealing her desire to win the £70,000 prize, she said: "I'm not in here to please them, I'm in here to win a game, as much as they don't know that."

        She added: "I want to change the routine... even if it means making a fool of myself."

        Critics have also accused this year's contestants of being boring, although producers insist they are happy with the fourth series and its steady ratings.

        Anouska Golebiewski, 20, who became the first evictee from the UK house, is joining an Australian version of the show for a week.


        Mhmmmm, "Lisa Jeynes, 35, from south Wales said in the diary room that the six remaining housemates were lazy and dull" - that's rich after she deliberately and quite badly 'play-acted' (?) the breathing difficulties to get out of the BB Show Jumping task?!


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          Do you think she faked that? I don't think she did, looked genuine to me. I've never had that 'finger on windpipe feeling' but I have gone completely dry and almost couldn't breathe before something a few years ago. It was also hot and I was nervous - I think she was nervous too, for all her bravado and bluster.

          Couple of friends have said she's been told to go in and ruffle a few feathers, they have no inside knowledge, just their opinions.

          Found the news on the hold up last night on teletext - they've been first with many news stories I've found.

          Day behind in BB schedules now, task has to be got in as well - plus someone is ruling the house for a week next week. I'm wondering if all this is being done to jazz things up in the house or it was pre planned.

          When Josh Rafter went in two series ago, a few weeks into the series, he wasn't allowed to watch any footage of BB beforehan, he was kept in a hotel room. She's obviously been watching it.


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            she was sat down doing nothing before wheezing, no pale complection (like we would notice through the slap!)

            no sweats, no panic in her eyes,

            later on not even watching the task but sitting smoking and reading!!!

            later still, running around in the garden,( which she admitted to) and smoking!!!!


            but I just dont really like the vibes she is giving off.....did you see what she did to the girls with make up!! bad or what!!.......Nush felt mortified!!

            it had to be deliberate!!


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              I cannae stand the b***h!!!!!! But still don't think she was faking

              By the way I do all my self asterisk editing - after having found out there's an automatic one on the site or do the moderators put them in? All I know is I do them myself!

              Ah but Beth when it happened to me, it came on very suddenly, no pre warning of shallow breathing, nothing - it just came on! I was right as ninepence as soon as the 'danger' was over.

              I can't stand anything she's giving off - I'd find it hard to be civil to her in there. It must be truly awful for the housemates to have to put up with this malarky in what has now become their space. She's out next week, for sure.

              The way she voices her opinion and thrusts it on the others at every opportunity leaves me cold. Uh huh - no no, she's gotta go.


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                Ok Spinks, I submit on this one... (but I still think she was faking..hehe!!)

                I agree she has a strange way about her....and not in a good way,

                she will be nominated next week, I think non of them "like" her, I will be voting for her!

                voted for Gos this time as I dont think he is full of life.....not terribly exciting to watch!

                where as Ray is a bit naughty, to say the least, I think he is fun to watch, I know someone else not to far from me who voted for Ray though!!


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                  Originally posted by spinkysay@Jul 5 2003, 6:04 PM

                  By the way I do all my self asterisk editing - after having found out there's an automatic one on the site or do the moderators put them in? All I know is I do them myself!
                  [email protected]

                  The forum software has a "Bad Word Filter" built in - it automatically changes the words we add in to the words we specify, e.g. to add the *'s. So when I write "bl**dy" it will star automatically and so on. I can send you the complete list so far if you like what's been added to date

                  Moderators do edit a word sometimes where needed, based on their own judgment/within their forum areas


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                    Perhaps I should have a swear fest then and see how far I get?!

                    .....The evisction of Gos was decidely lack lustre and I felt for him when he saw there was no crowd. Not good. I liked him more on the outside than in the house. Gave a reasonable interview too.

                    What a c**k up though on Friday night. Hmn.... now shall I leave that in or put asterisks.... oh alright I'll asterisk it!!

                    Also didn't like the producers going in the house to bring them out - the spell has been broken now. Been a bit of shambles all round this BB hasn't it?

                    They must learn form this one and rethink the selection process.

                    I don't particularly want any of them to win this time, usually you can 'champion' someone as you get fond of someone, but it hasn't happened for me this time.

                    My fella also doesn't like Ray!


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                      She would be my dream come true if i were in the house with them.

                      She's basically not that clever, could imagine her being an NFH in real life and I feel she could be easily maniupulated, purely because she's so transparent. I'd play to her sense of superiority, asking her opinions about everything, make her feel secure then start little niggling comments such as "with you being older and more experienced" etc.

                      Sounds horrible, I know, but I think the whole thing of her taking Steph's duvet because of "sleep walking" is ridiculous - its intimidation, because Steph's got her sussed - why did Lisa not take Nush's duvet in her sleep?

                      I think she's missed the whole point of the game - to get the PUBLIC to like you, not the housemates. Still, with the bitching, the perverse public may vote her in if she's nominated, simply to see a "ruck", how odd is human nature...?