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    How great Federico got the push!

    How sad Jon got knocked out Davina seemed quite dissapointed about it all I thought?

    Question is - who's now left of any interest/character in the BB House?

    Tania? (nope)

    Gos? (mhhmmmm, too quiet?)

    Cameron? (Promising?)

    Ray? (Yawn)

    Scott? (Maybe)

    Nush (Tasty, promising, but playing the 'hippy chick' thing a bit too much now?)

    Steph (nothing about her at all? I think of cute hamsters when I see her for some reason)

    We'll see anyway! Hope they put someone interesting in that will wind them up a bit!

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    I have a confession to make. . I bought the Star newspaper today as it had BB stuff on the front page - so gullible.

    From what I can gather, one of the housemates (Cam methinks) will be transported into the South African BB House and one of their's (a transexual) will be brought into our BB house.

    Cam will return after 4 days and will not face eviction the following week.

    Watch BBLB tomorrow at 6pm!

    That should liven things up a bit anyway!