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Federico Does It Again!

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  • Federico Does It Again!

    Federico seems to be blessed in helping the housemates fail the tasks!

    Question is though, will he admit it to them after he knows now it was definitely him that blew it (after strongly protesting he got all the cub scout questions right the other day!).

    When All Is Fed And Done

    Day 13, 23:30

    Federico has discovered it was him who messed up the task - but for the time being, he's opted for the easy way out by not telling anyone about it.

    During a twelve-minute chat with Big Brother, the 23-year-old discovered he had blown the task by answering his question wrongly.

    Despite asking whether he was allowed to tell the other housemates and being told that he could if he wanted, he chose to keep the news to himself.

    After the lengthy period in the Diary Room, Federico exited and headed straight to the bathroom. Once inside, he leant his arms against the wall and buried his head inside them for a moment of reflection.

    With the boys raging about the pros and cons of religion in the sitting room, nobody noticed when the remorseful waiter slipped onto the sofa and joined in.

    It must be a difficult decision to make. On the one hand, Federico must want to get it off his chest. On the other, if he tells the housemates, there's a strong chance he will be nominated for eviction next week.

    The housemates have admitted they need a decent reason to nominate someone in order to keep their own consciences clean - and what better than nominating someone who has single-handedly failed not one, but two tasks?

    Evidently, the pressure of the decision has hit Federico hard. Time and again he looked set to tell the others of his error, but in the end it all proved too much and he went to bed.

    Will Federico's guilt get the better of him, or will he keep the truth close to his chest?[/b]

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    still hasnt put his hand up yet, he seems to be wanting to stay asleep to avoid people!


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      I don't think he'll fes up somehow. It's almost certain he'll be nominated if he does.

      I've really taken agin' Sissy! Yesterday when Justine was nominated she shouts out "Go and get her a fag" - a real bossy order. if she really cared she'd quietly go and get her one herself, rather than making a show of getting someone else to do it.

      Ooh - Dermot's legs!!!! Did you see them on BB's Little Brother?