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Bye Bye Anouska!

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  • Bye Bye Anouska!

    Anouska has become the first member of the group to be evicted out of the Big Brother House with 45.9% of the public vote.[/b]

    I voted for Jon, but to be honest, it was a tough choice between him and Anouska. I'm not surprised Anouska went out at all - I bet she amassed thousands of votes near the beginning of the show!

    It will be interesting to see how Jon develops and if he becomes even more isolated from the group and how his sense of humour/personality may affect the rest of the HM and if the boredom will make a difference to him personally.

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    Of all the people evicted in all the series, this has been the biggest shock for me. Yes, she was full of herself and flouted her melons at every opportunity, basically using sexuality to keep her in - and in with the male housemates, other female housemates have done the same! But she seemed settled and in for a run to me. She obviously thought so too. She'd put down cursory roots with most of the other housemates - and done the usual "Oh you can always talk to me I'm a good listener" bit to people, (yeah like that's not for the camera) she'd established herself in there.

    Big shock, everyone expected Jon to go surely - even Moyles on Radio 1 who never gets a vote wrong got this one wrong.

    Be very interesting to see how Jon pans out if he stays. I bet Scott comes out of the wardrobe a bit now.

    My boyfriend can't stand Federico, nor can my best friend. I don't think any of them annoy me yet - maybe Sissy. She does talk rubbish a lot of the time and it's only a matter of time before she kicks off.

    Matthew - look what you're doing to me - I'm talking about BB FAR too seriously here!


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      Originally posted by spinkysay@May 31 2003, 2:14 PM

      Matthew - look what you're doing to me - I'm talking about BB FAR too seriously here!

      Spinks - admit it, you'd be doing it somewhere else if it wasn't here!


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        Well er..., yeah! I would be - and I do! Best friend rings up in the advert breaks and me and boyfie talk about it quite a lot too...

        I'm getting sick of putting 'partner' (too formal) 'boyfriend' (too informal and transient) or 'boyfie'. (blah!) We've been together since 1985! Don't want to put his name so I'll just keep with 'partner' I guess.

        Don't think Cameron is 'nice quiet bloke' - he's in favour of bullfighting. gos said he would go to one out of interest too. Steph said no way would she go to anything like that - remember this when you vote animal lovers.

        Cameron was very dismissive, saying they had no nerves in their neck anyway...