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  • Federico

    Or should that be *DOH*!

    What a wally, getting off the pedalo like that, what was it, 4 seconds? Just that, and almost at the end and he managed to single-handedly ruin the task for all of them with just a few hours remaining. I was beginning to think they'd do it as well!

    What a silly billy. Silly mistake not to admit it straight away to the housemates either IMO.

    As for Jon - well, I'm rapidly beginning to share your opinion Spinks; Did you see the eyes of the housemates glazing over when he was discussing Star Wars books with them?! The best bits were when they started yawning and fell asleep while he was talking! (OK, admittedly they were tired anyway!).

    I'm a Sci Fi fan and he bored me with that one (not a Star Wars fan particularly though). I think Jon is coming over as some kind of 'pseudo-intellectual' now - well he's gone a bit too far with the intelligent look I think (probably indavertantly spurred on by Gos patting him on the back the other day?).

    That's my mind made up unless anything happens in the meantime, my vote goes to Jon on Friday!

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    I feel really sorry for Federico, he was so worried he'd ***** up.

    I haven't actually seen the bit where they tell the housemates the bad news - but heard it from a friend on the phone last night who gets the BB news on his mobile...

    I think he didn't tell the other housemates as he was worried it would have an effect on their enthusiasm fro completing the task - and why fez up if there's a chance you might be in the clear anyway?! Also the feeling of teeling them "I think I made a boo boo on the task" - and the atmosphere of the housemates still having to complete it on the off chance everything might be okay. Oh boy, I really did feel for him! His mind definitely was elsewhere wasn't it? Maybe on Anouska not wearing a bra again?

    The Jon bit was cleverly edited! oh the techy guys are so crule - but so funny!!!!! The others listening were obviously bored - but it was edited to look more so! Have to say we laughed a lot at that.

    Jon just hasn't got the social skill, IMO he shouldn't be in there. Everything he does, every move he makes, everything he says is clipped and unnatural. The bit where he was teling everyone the content of a sci fi book I thought was sad. He was continuing when it was obvious that no one was interested. Who berates others with the entire content of a book anyway?? Unless it's a biography where you can relate interesting facts to others, but telling of the names of these spacships and other universes - something very wrong there.

    I'd like to see him stay to see if he becomes unclenched in a few more weeks - or gets worse!!!!!