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Who do you think will be evicted?

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  • Who do you think will be evicted?

    Who do you think will go and who do you want to go?

    Anoushka is young, girly and giggly, I didn't like her on the first night, but am warming to her.

    Frederico looks like a dodgy car salesman, talks too may different languages for my liking.

    Jon seemed a bit arrogant when he first sat in the BB chair and apparently (according to BB mad colleague) he waffles a lot about meaningless things.

    Scott looks too much like Robbie Williams and has been too quiet.

    I think Scott will go, but want Jon evicted.

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    I think Jon looks like a young gandi and I am waiting for him to say someting really deep and meaningful.

    scott is going to be good once he finds his place and starts talking...didnt like him the first night, eyes too close together!

    Federico (no R Holly!!) loves himself too much and thinks the girlies feel the same way

    and that gobby person....well, sorry first impressions and all....the girl has to go!!


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      I must admit, I didn't particularly warm to Anouska when I first saw and heard her, although I think there's more to her than meets the eye and she could be quite interesting and maybe stir up some activity later on

      - Federico is very funny and I thought he may be a bit of a 'poseur' in the first instance, but has turned out to be quite likeable.

      - Scott is funnier than he looks and is really quite an interesting character.

      - Jon is a bit of a thinker, too deep and meaningful for my liking, although he does get a little dreary, I don't think he's anywhere near as boring people are unfairly making out (Justine is similar in some respects).

      So, I can't really say I dislike any of them. At the moment for me, it's between voting for Scott or Jon out. I've deliberately left my vote until the end of the week to decide I think I may go for Jon though out of the two......... But there again.....................


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        Jon looks like he has a distinct shortage of social skills to me (speaking as an almost recluse agoraphobic...)

        The body language expert got it tright when she said "There's something of the night about him". He seems very awkward and tense and his attempts at blending in and talking show this quite clearly. He's very guarded in what he says and speaks in cold business speak about everything - including emotional matters. Nothing wrong with any of the above, as that's the way he is.

        But to watch him - like watching a nervous actor on stage, doesn't put you at ease in any way - nor is it interesting. Actually I feel for him.

        Anouska - Hmn - wearing no bra on that Pedallo???? Hello? relying heavilly on sexuality I think, which people (men and women) get sick of eventually. Also she tends to dominate situations. People are putting up with it but three weeks in if she stays - that will annoy! Sorry but I see right through her.

        Scott is okay, No way will he walk on Friday! He's to neutral to annoy and hasn't done or said anything that would get peoples backs up - unlike Gos last night saying the girls wouldn't be able to concentrate on the task if left alone - oo er...

        I don't think jon thinks diddley - he doesn't seem like a deep thinker to me, at the minute he looks very, very uncomfortable.

        .......Have you heard about Celebrity wife swap with Major Ingram and Jade??????????? Fab tele or what?????


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          Originally posted by spinkysay@May 28 2003, 3:20 PM

          .......Have you heard about Celebrity wife swap with Major Ingram and Jade???????????┬* Fab tele or what?????
          No Do tell more............!


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            Heard it on Grahan Norton's programme two nights ago - his guest was Chris Tarrant and they both seemed to know about it!

            You know the wife swap programme on Channel 4? Where two husbands swap wives? Oh what glorious TV that was!! Well as in all these things now, there's going to be a celebrity one with Jade looking after Captain (forgot his army rank, but the guy who tried to con by coughing) Ingram! Oh joy of joys. Could TV get any better???? (I'm not mentioning TV drama we just WON'T GO THERE!)


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              For news about Jade and Major Fraud! It's true! I watched Graham the other night too - did you see the art work spinks!!!! - Partner just said, "Oh, God, don't tell me..."

              Sorry about the F®ederico! What kind of a name's Fed?


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                I put an R in brackets and look how it came out !

                I mentioned my spelling mistake to a colleague and she says that he would be appalled at being called Frederico and thats why someone voted for him - I obviously missed that bit.

                Do you think they'll bring out a BB CD of Nursery Rhymes? I want to learn the Gloworm one .


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                  I haven't heard the gloworm rhyme yet!

                  I'll look at the link when I sign off, can't wait for this one!

                  Oh that art work! I'm more shocked that someone in the audience would put themselves up for it! Part of the I'll do anything to get on TV brigade methinks.

                  Did you see the show where they put it in a gallery with a hidden camera looking at people's reactions? In some parts of his show -don't believe everything you see - things are 'helped along' somewhat.