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  • First Task

    The eagerly (?!) awaited first task has been announced......what is it with these tasks always being orientated towards a physical slant?! A mental task (like has been used before on rarer occasions) could be good to see sometimes!

    Copied from the ever snail-slow paced BB4 Website:

    First Task Announced

    Day 3, 11:45

    A serious looking Ray has announced details of the first task. Housemates must pedalo continuously for 72 hours, and there's a substantial amount of the food budget at stake.

    Emerging from the Diary Room Ray smiled nervously as he sat down with the others on the sofas and started to read out the task instructions.

    "This week Big Brother wants to test your endurance, so you must peddle for 72 hours non-stop with 2 people in the pedalo at all times," began Ray, as the Housemates looked towards the white machine that had suddenly appeared.

    But as the Galway guy endeavoured to deliver the rest of the instructions, he was met with cries and hollers from the other eleven.

    * *

    "Let me finish!" bellowed Ray as Steph sat open-mouthed and Anouska hushed the other Housemates, including herself.

    "You must pedal at 60 revolutions per minute at all times. If you go below this you will automatically fail the task," continued Ray.

    And as blasphemous shouts were audible among the gregarious group, Ray finished reading out the instructions, explaining that the Housemates must bet a percentage of their food budget on the task, which will be doubled on successful completion. They have just 30 minutes to decide how much to wager.

    Judging by their initial reaction, it's anyone's guess if the twitchy twelve will complete their initial task.[/b]

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    I like the creative tasks best - my favourite being the sculptured heads of other contestants - we were on the floor laughing at the results - plus the figures made with wire etc and with photocopied bits of bodies, that was clever. Think I'm right in saying Frank Skinner has one of them on his chat show set.

    The world record one was good too, and the assault course thing.

    I guess the physical ones are good when you're cooped up to let some energy off????

    ......Oh also the memory test - and how we all cheered when Helen remembered her answers! I like Helen, on of my favourites from all the series, plus Brian I guess. The man I really took against in a spectacular way - and I still swear when I see him in any clips, I just couldn't stand the man - was Stuart.


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      Yep, some of the physical ones are quite funny.....I suppose this task seems so boring to watch and to do! I laughed at the puppet making last year, some of them were very good/realistic as well as the actions/voice overs!

      Do they have to do it all night too for 3 days?! Yikes!