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Bye Bye Nush!

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  • Bye Bye Nush!

    Well, out of Cameron and Nush I sadly had to vote Nush out......

    Not a surprise really she went, she has been doing the 'girly' bit a little too much now?!

    Who do you reckon will win then?! (And don't say the TICKLE!)

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    Isn't the Orkney fish farmer supposed to be the favourite odds to win at the moment?

    I don't want Ray to win.

    Scott/Cameron either really, although I think if I had to say I'd go with Cameron - and I want to hear his "secret", don't you? :huh:

    But, of course, it should be Tickle :lol:


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      Well, I must say I was glad to see the back of NUSH, she is so flaky. now her boyfriend has sold his story, gosh, is there actually anything of interest to say? she is so vacuous for heavens me me thats all she is interested in.

      anyway of course, if there was any justice, jon would win, however, i think i might put a bet on cameron, i reckon he can do it . failing that ray, even with his bad temper at least he has shown his human frailties!!!

      please everyone do not let scott win, the guy is the biggest cover up going, he has divulged nothing of himself at all. he is such a nonentity.

      i will be glad when its all over and i SWEAR i am not watching the next series!!!!

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        Do me a favour, you will not be able to resist!!!

        Cameron's secret? I reckon it's he's a virgin - oh big deal!

        Cameron to win, he's the best out of a dire bunch... Scott's been the 'invisible man' throughout, didn't even know he was capable of farting until Nush mentioned it on her eviction night :hihi: ...Ray's too psycho, yikes. And as for Steph - too manipulative and jealous of all the other girls - yuk!!!

        That's just my tuppence worth, Byeeee