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Why The Tumble Drier Goes On After The Washer

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  • Why The Tumble Drier Goes On After The Washer

    Hello all,

    Why does the tumble drier go on after the washing machine?

    I am reminded how I found the answer to this last year. We have just picked up our children from their grandparents .It is a round trip of about 300 miles and we are out of the house for most of the day. When we are out like this we leave our house in the care of another of our neighbours. She is a really kindly old dear, who looks after the dogs, feeds the cats and generally keeps an eye on the place. She also takes it upon herself to do odd jobs up and down the place, even hovering, cleaning and setting the fire. She really has a heart of gold.

    Last year we went to pick up the children from grandmas and left our house in her capable hands.

    She came across some washing that was left in the machine and out of the goodness of her heart put it out on the washing line. (Our washing line is at the front of the house and close to the public road).

    As we drove towards our house my wife saw to her horror that her entire collection of sexy lingerie, was on full display and gently blowing in the breeze.

    Ladies, I am a male chauvinist pig and never realised why the tumble drier goes on after the washing machine.

    Gents, I hope you now realise why the tumble drier goes on after the washing machine.


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    sexy lingerie????!!!!!!

    count yourself lucky it wasnt big flappy grey bloomers swaying on the line, as would be the case if my washing was displayed publicly!!!!

    the shame of it!!! has your wife stopped blushing yet??????????

    are you sure your little old dear isnt really a subversive undercover NFH ...heheheheh

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      My wife still blushes to this day at the mention of this story ( as if I would !!!).

      I must admit though that I have never seen her move as fast as she did that day !!

      We both make sure the washing machine is empty when we leave the house



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        :lol: At least it wasn't the bin liners my Mum wears :lol: :hihi: