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My Little Sister

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  • My Little Sister

    When we were little, our Mum used to work, so during the school holidays my Nan would look after us.

    One day we were going to see our Nan's friend, and we had been warned in the car on the way to behave ourselves. We got to the house and it looked so posh! When we went in, we were introduced to my Nan's friend (using her posh voice) and sat down to a drink of juice and some biscuits

    After an hour or so of listening to my Nan talking in her 'posh voice' my little sister started to get a bit fidgity

    'Would you like the toilet?' my Nan's friend asked, and in her poshest little voice, my sister replied 'Oh no thank you, I don't think we will be able to get it in Nannie's car!!!'

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    Here's one for you, a true story. Happened at the NFH house a few years back.

    Our next door neighbour (good one) was having double glazing fitted. The fitters, two young blokes, were putting in the window at the side of the house, right next to our garden. The blokes (I thought) had gone off for a break, so I let the dogs out for some fresh air. One dog let out what I can only call a 'very loud antisocial noise' and went back in followed by the other. The blokes, who were only crouching down, then stood up holding a large window and saw me standing there. Cue red face, cue me never coming out of the house the rest of that day or the next while they were there.


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      [email protected]! That was good, funny how kids can take things so literally!

      Spinks - sounds very embarassing! ROFL! Kids and Animals they say eh.......