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  • Welcome!

    Hello All

    Well we now have a place where we can have a little giggle now and then NFH's can make our lives so miserable, that we need to have somewhere to go to 'hear some cheer'

    We often come across stories, jokes or see things etc. that can make us chuckle, so how about sharing them with the other members of the family

    I must stress that there are children that may see these posts, so PLEASE PLEASE keep it clean, unoffensive and acceptable any unsuitable posts will be removed

    A little giggle now and then can be magic and go a long way


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    hi all

    Please remember as Tri has said, we are a family forum and have a lot of differnt groups of people here, some will find the humour funny others may not find it so.

    If you have a funny joke that you think might just be crossing the boundaries slightly please post it in Risque business rather than the happy zone!

    The Risque business folder is password protected to prevent small children wandering in by accident! :lol:

    If you would like the password please do PM one of the support team who will gladly share it with all over 18s! :lol: :flirt: