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Crimes against fashion

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  • Crimes against fashion

    You know, it's not often my NFH make me smile but today was the exception.

    I was idly gazing out of the window, watching some starlings eating a crust, when what should go by, but this utterly horrendous woolly hat, with Granny from Hell underneath it! I've seen some bad hats in my time and must admit on the coldest days I have been known to wear a woolly little number but this was the 'hat from hell' - indescribably awful colour combination :wow: Lime green and lilac with orange stripes!

    (I tried to attach a painting of it, but it was too slow to upload - the awful colours may have caused damage to the forum :blink: )

    My hubby said 'one of Santa's elves has just gone by' but if she is working for Santa, she'll be a bad elf, probably taking the batteries out of toys so kids can't play with them on Christmas day:devil:

    Ahhh, I will treasure the memory of that hat for a long time, it will help through the tough spells, hope she wears it often.

    Wonder if she'd let me take a photo? :hihi:

    Mrs B

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    Most amusing picture you managed to paint there, Mrs B! :hihi: :lol:

    Even more so for me, as I have some long socks that colour! :blush: :blush: However I only wear 'em when no one's around! :P

    Sapph :blush:


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      Very brave of you to admit it Lass :hihi:

      Mrs B


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        I thank you, Mrs B, for giving me the chance to be "out" about my socks....I have thought about this since my admission earlier...I am now gonna wear them with pride, and think everyone should get a pair! Get ready for a fashion sensation :P

        Sapph (wearing her socks ) :lol:


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          HN, if I had the technical skills, believe me...there would be a pic!! Sadly, I haven't, so you'll all just have to use your imagination! :P It's an impressive picture :lol: :hihi:

          Sapph :P


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            SP, your Rhino and my Hell's Elf sound so alike - perhaps they shop for clothes together? :wow:

            Sapphy, maybe you should attend a 'Dodgy Socks Anonymous''s confidential, and eventually, with support, you may be able to overcome this embarrassing habit :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:

            Or, on the other hand..........Hazelnut, please send me the most gruesome pair you can find would you? With toes (of different colours please) Hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em:fun:E-p


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              I used to wear socks like that when i was 11 (1977) and had just gone to senior school...the fashion was white fringed boots (the fringes had beads on) and i used to have the stripy socks peeping over the top of the boots in the same colours to match the trousers were naturally tucked into the socks and boots...mind you those socks didnt half hurt your toes...but one does have to suffer to look good...

              i was such a snappy dresser in them days... :lol:

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                Thanks HN - and here they are......... :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:


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                  Annabel - the whole of Google couldn't find a piccy of socks with toes in!

                  Most miffed!!

                  Mrs B
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                    Found an even better one (with a little help from Beth :thumbs: )

                    Which ones are yours Sapphy? :hihi:
                    BE BOLSHY - RECLAIM YOUR GARDEN!


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                      :lol: Er, I have the monochrome ones (quite subdued, and on as we speak )...and a pair so distinctive (not on the pic) that it's a B) job :P :P (reserved for special occasions :hihi: ).

                      And not a :blush: in sight now! :P .



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                        Or, indeed, anyone else that winds me up!! :P

                        Think if I stand in the middle of the road on a Friday evening in them it might stop the racers in their tracks?? :lol:

                        Sapph B)


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                          :lol: :jump:

                          :thumbs: More power to your socks, Lass! :thumbs:

                          B :P
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