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The Para Olympics.

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  • The Para Olympics.

    It's the start of the 100 meters freestyle swimming competition at the para Olympics.

    All of the competitors are lined up and ready to dive in.

    Before the race begins, an adjudicator speaks to the contenders.

    He walks up to the first man who has two arms and one leg. He asks "is everything ok, do you need any help?" the swimmer says "no, I'm fine thank you."

    He goes to the next swimmer who has no legs and asks the same question, and gets the same reply.

    He asks the next swimmer who has no arms the same question, same reply from him.

    Then he sees just a :blush: head on the floor. He asks him, "are you sure you are going to be able to do this race?" he replies," yeah, yeah no problem. All I ask you to do if you will is when the whistle blows, could you give me a gentle kick into the water to get me started?"

    Yes of course, no problem replied the adjudicator.

    So he stands behind the head, waits, and at the whistle kicks the head into the water.

    He stands over the edge of the pool and looks in as the head has just sunk to the bottom of the pool. By this time the race is over.

    He panics and puts his arm into the water and pulls him out by his hair...

    "What happened to you?" he asked the head....

    "I got cramp in my ears!" he replied.

    (I hope this joke does not offend anybody)