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A Fruity Cat.....!

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  • A Fruity Cat.....!

    Saw this a moment ago and had to grab it and added wording courtesy of Beth! :lol: :lol:

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    I just know this reminds me of someone and I can't think who. I'm too tired to work it out now, so maybe tomorrow


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      Didn't Toyah Wilcox have hair like that at one stage :unsure:


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        Originally posted by Blue Cow@Nov 23 2003, 1:04 AM

        Didn't Toyah Wilcox have hair like that
        There's some likeness BC! :lol:


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          That'll be the one!!


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            :lol: :hihi:


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              :hihi: LOL at that cat!!! Very funny-looking :hihi:



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                :lol: :hihi:

                im splitting my sides!!

                poor puddy ! being compared to toyah wilcox like that!!!

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                  Beem looking for pics of Hazel O'Connor, but can't find any with half a lime stuck on her head. :lol: