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I can tell you your age...

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  • I can tell you your age...

    I saw this somewhere ages works for everyone I have tried it on:

    1. Pick the number of times in a week that you would like to dine out or have a meal prepared for you (must be more than once and fewer than 10).

    2. Mulitply the number by 2.

    3. Add 5.

    4. Multiply it by 50.

    5. If you have already had your birthday this year, add 1753. If you haven't had your birthday yet, add 1752.

    6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.

    7. You should now have a three digit number.

    The first number is your original number - ie the times you'd like to eat out or a meal prepared for you and the second two digits are .............your age !!! B)

    Freekmungous!! :lol:


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    Tried it , sorry but it dosn't work.



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      GG are u sure? :blink:

      I've tried it on loads of bods and it works everytime!


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        You said it Mazza

        I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        :yes: :jump: :yes:

        Blue Cow


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          My number was 4, and my date of birth is I got 145, and I am not 45. Work it out folks.



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            Mazza, oops GG messed up. It does work. :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:



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              Phew, you had me worried there, guys!



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                Right, after a good night’s sleep I decided to try to fathom how this works. It’s meant to give the slightly magical impression that somehow the number of times you would like to eat out is linked to your age - unlikely to say the least. I think I’ve managed to explain it to myself, but can I explain it to anyone else? I’m afraid it involves the use of algebra but bear with me.

                All the figures in the calculation are fixed except for the number of times you’d like to eat out. In algebra a maths teacher would say “let the number of times you’d like to eat out be x”. Well b*gger that, I’ll just call it “eats” rather than x. So lets do the calculation using “eats” instead of a number.

                First we multiply eats by 2 to give


                now we add 5 to give

                2eats + 5

                then we multiply by 50 to give

                50(2eats +5) getting tricky now, but this is the same as

                100eats + 250 that means you multiplied 2eats by 50 and multiplied 5 by 50

                Hang in there folks the figure of 250 is important and if you think about it you’ll always get 250 at this stage no matter how many times you’d like to eat out because it comes from multiplying 5 by 50 which happens no matter how many eats you choose. No for the next clever bit

                we add to this 1753 or 1752 depending on whether or not you’ve already had your birthday, lets work with 1753 for now.

                This gives 100eats + 250 + 1753 which is the same as 100eats + 2003

                Note the 2003 which is this year. Now you subtract the year in which you were born, lets choose 1948 (now you know how old I am). This gives

                100eats + 2003 - 1948 which is the same as 100eats + 55 and 55 is my age.

                So lets finish it. If you add chosen 2 as the number of times you’d like to eat out, you’d have

                100 x 2 + 55 which is 255, if you chose 3 you’d get 355, 5 would give 555.

                Phew, I hope that’s clear. No magic at all, just algebra.


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                  :lol: its keeping some people busy this!! :lol:


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                    Oh, and I forgot to say that the number of times you'd like to eat out doesn't have to be less than 10, so you could be greedy and choose 99 then rephrase the last few lines to say:

                    7. You should now have a number which is the number of times you'd like to eat out followed by your age.

                    By the way to save you trying it, chosing 99 times to eat out if you were born in 1948 gives 9955


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                      eskander, you have blown my mind!!!! :lol: :lol:

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                        It should also work for people who only like to eat out once or not at all ...

                        The only restriction is it won't work for people who reach 100

                        However, if you just change 2 to 20, then you can do this for people up the age 199.

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                          aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :banghead:

                          stop it now!!!!!!

                          who started this mind boogling thread???? :blink: :lol: :P


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                            Sorry Beth but this is getting to be really good fun. The "thread from hell?"or tfh.

                            Of course I'm sure the more mathematically minded will have already realised that the calculation will have to be modifed if it is to work next year. A tfh rossette to the first one to explain how it should be modified for next year. E-p


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                              Of yes, and adopting the FF approach, if you change the 2 to 200 instead of 20 you can do it for people up to the age of 1999.

                              I think I've had enough now and will go for a quiet lie down