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i saw "turbo: a power rangers movie"

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  • i saw "turbo: a power rangers movie"

    [spoilers ahead :P ]

    hard to say which film i enjoyed more :P

    hehe power rangers bad its good, but also some decent humour bits ...heheh no it wasn't good and yet i had to see what happened at the end [they beat the spikey volcano monster with their giant robot made of cars, and saved the kids shelter with a fighting competition]

    matrix 3 much the same...although higher production value .....action stuff alright but just gobbledeegook.....with odd ending ...but then iono why the first was is regarded that was good fun and new but full of shlock philosophy holes too...i liked the bit in matirx 3 where the old general guy screams while shooting his gun!!

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    I am so wicked, I was going to let my two boys watch a bit of it and turned over to see it. The ads were on and during that time, I had a change of heart - phew. :blush:

    A very narrow escape...What was I thinking of ?!! :lol:


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      sounds like a load of old tripe vernon, glad i gave that a miss!


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      • #4 enjoyable as a triple helping of the Telly Tubbies! :lol: :P