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and tonight at 9pm C4 bowling for columbine

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  • and tonight at 9pm C4 bowling for columbine

    a whole two hours notice!

    but i only just saw in the tv mag was film of the week too ...only films really worth watching get a prize like that !!

    so no excuses !!!

    ......unless you don't like it/ not interested in watching it ....then thats fine

    i think bbc is doing guns and stuff week right...this film looks at that issue..and was made a few years ago.

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    Thanks Vern for the reminder

    Have bookmarked it


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      Aw....its star trek night on sci fi!!! :lol: ok, I could watch them all on video....havent really sorted tonights viewing out yet, stuff with adverts is good so I can keep coming back to the board! :lol:

      its adictive!!


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        Video is set! Ta!



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          I saw it in the TV guide last week - you'll have to be quicker vern :P .

          I taped it last night (but missed the first half hour), I have watched the remainder this afternoon and thought it was very thought provoking.

          Very good film/documentary.

          People with guns... :banghead:


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            I watched it last night. A very powerful, thought provoking film. The really chilling part was when you saw the two boys shooting in Columbine High It was sad to see Charlton Heston looking so old and frail but I can't agree with his stance. Although I've heard from other sites that some of the footage of him was cut to make it look worse than it was.

            The statistics though were horrific. Over eleven thousand gun murders in one year!

            I thought the visit to K-Mart headquarters with some of the Columbine survivors was powerful as well. Although I think K-Mart have either gone into liquidation or have closed a huge amount of stores so I don't suppose it was too much of a sacrifice for them to stop selling ammunition. Made good publicity though :unsure:

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              I'm sorry we missed it now, it sounds a really good watch.


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                Blo*dy video recorder!! Set it, but it hasn't recorded it all! I have first half hour tho' Hol, perhaps we can piece it together and make a whole film?? :P



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                  Think it may have gone now sapph - taping Foyle's War (over the Bowling for Columbine).


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                    oh no!!! ...oh well you'll just have to have me send you the video file then :P ....1400Mb as attachment in email okay? :P

                    oh but pay it forward is on now holly ..kevin spacey rools usually ...helen hunt is ewwey and that hollywood kid whos in everything who turns out not to be annoying.

                    LA confedential was very i good i think, i remember that was on recently.

                    cough degression cough :P


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                      Thanks Vern

                      You actually had me watching something other than Pop Idol on a Saturday night (yey!!)

                      It left me wondering what Charlton Heston now thinks about what he did on camera when confronted over that little girl's death (especially given that the film was subsequesntly awarded an Oscar).

                      So Vern - if you've got any other good film tips - I'm all ears!!


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                        Originally posted by vernon@Dec 7 2003, 10:24 PM

                        oh but pay it forward is on now holly
                        Ooops, saw your reply a bit too late vern - did you enjoy the film (if you watched it? ) :unsure: