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i am fairly sure i mighta posted about ...

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  • i am fairly sure i mighta posted about ...

    but i saw it agen so want to type how good it is agen ....usuall subjects ..relationships..jealousey..something bad happends ...

    but where i find it uniqiue and good and stuff is in how it depicts stuff.....its a quiet "underplayed" film, lots of little moments captured in film which seems to make it more "real" ...and i canny think of more than maybe one film which is more powerful ..not really a sunny and happy film yous needs to be in the mood to watch.

    good acterators too ..sissy spacek, tom wilkinson...nick shtahl..marisa tomie ...all be all good at acting and stuff ...the ending coulda been handled diff imho ..but still good ..the the first 3/4's worthwhile! where are those cadburys cream eggs agen :P

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    i take it you recommend it then, Vern? :P

    Will have to check it out....on video, of course

    Haven't you eaten them yet?????



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      I saw the trailer for this film when it first came out and thought it looked a bit boring, but I may just get it out now on your recommendation and give it a try. :unsure:

      I want my money back though if it is boring :P


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        okay i definutley promisw to not give your money back holly quiet ...thats posh for boring ...butt scgood