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  • as its a bit quiet

    i am prolly supposed to advertise this bit of the site...cos its a bit quiet,

    or its not a bit ppl don't want to post in.

    so i'll type of a film i got recently!

    "sweet and lowdown" one by woody allen which is good!

    good kinda jazz music plus original story and funny bits and drama bits.

    i think it has loads of good actor ppl playing all the characters and is most goodest because i enjoyed the music it had through...kinda jazzey or swing guitar....not heard much of before but sounded good.

    hope that wasn't too high brow

    something about the top books is on, of the ones i have seen so far i haven'tt read many (arart from the odd pratchett or roal dahl ones :P) but my vote goes to the "his dark materials" trilogy by philip pullman, i am only half way thorugh the first book but its very good! , it has the best beginning to a book i have yet read

    Ooooo topical digression

    This post was brought to you by the letters "A" and "F" and some slightly dodgey chinese food.

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    Hi there film maestro

    Never really liked Woody Allen myself...

    Had fantastic Chinese takeawy last night: Chicken in OK sauce and Beef Chow Mein (not all to myself, but nearly :lol: ).

    Can we publicise a film premiere for ITV here?

    The X-men is on on Wednesday at 9pm. Good film, but not half as good as the cartoon - wasn't that fab?

    PS. For good guitar sounds watch "Paris, Texas" - and get the soundtrack by Ry Cooder - great stuff, that is .


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      i like xmen, as it has mr Patrick Stewart in it, I like bald older films that is not in real life!!


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        Originally posted by Beth@Oct 18 2003, 10:45 PM

        I like bald older men
        Good job too, eh Matthew?

        :lol: :P



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          Is the X-Men any good then?

          Is it worth me shunting everyone off to bed on time so's I can sit down with a big bag of crisps and watch it?

          My neice was saying she might like to see it, but not happy about it being on ITV (she's ad-o-phobic :blink: ).

          Is Matthew really bald?? :innocent: :whistle:


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            Did you watch the cartoon X-Men and like it? If so, you'll probably enjoy the film because all the same characters are in: Storm, Wolverine, ...ooops forgotten the others :lol: .

            Great for a couple of hours immersing yourself into something fun and entertaining. :thumbs:

            Hollys film rating: 8/10


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              I'll give it a shot - if my pea brain remembers it's on ! :wacko:

              I'll have to plan with military precision to get shot of the family first to bed though...:zzz:


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                Matthew has a full head of blond locks!! :lol:

                the effects were kinda good on xmen


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                  i saw x-men, it was on ages ago on some day when i wanted to get lost for while, and got "x-men" off front row, when that existed and it was good ole bubblegum fun! ..enjoyed it and did get lost for a while if i remember rightly, it was ages ago but i do remember thinking "that was fun" plus the blue girl wearing only paint!


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                    OK, Sold, I'm planning my evening off as of now!!!

                    :eat: izza: :beer: :tooth: :zzz:


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                      X men, sorry didn't get it.....tried but failed. But then I'm not a huge anti-realist

                      Vern, what have the letters A and F to do with it? Lost me, there :P

                      In respect of food, can't do with Chinese, give me a good curry anytime

                      Anyone seen "Picnic at Hanging Rock"? c. 1977. Stunning and spooky.

                      Sapph B)


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                        Our Vern' looks like he's a bit of a Sesame Street fan and that prog always had two letters (and a number) 'hosting' it :lol: I though that was what it was all about -but I could be wrong, after all it's Vernon we're talking about here (!!)

                        Aww, your sort of putting me off the film now as you'll know I'm not the best with fantasy/sci-fi, but I'm trying to educate myself :hihi:


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                          it'll be okay...i expected a silly hokem popcorn type film...and thats what it was.

                          i like all the escapist stuff...i enjoy the "being somewhere else or thinking about something i hadn't really thought of before",

                          wether thats being in a war or being covered in blue paint...again...*huhum*

                          I wasn't expecting *insert title of film you think was reallly deep and meaningful here*

                          Not heard of "picnic at hanging rock " till now.

                          Maybe a bit random but i like the "the doors - the end" song... i just thought of that as i just found it and thought "i like that song".

                          "whats for breakfast"


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                            "Picnic at Hanging Rock" is a beautiful film and is apparently based on a true story(?) Quite haunting in places, it's a definite one to see.


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                              Yep, BC, I think it was based on a true story. Beautifully filmed too . Mazza, no wonder I didn't get that, then! Never seen Sesame Street