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  • what to watch?

    well tonight being wednesday 8th October we have a choice of films

    bbc 1 11:15pm midnight run, starring de niro as a bounty hunter

    ITV1 9pm me myself and Irene, a jim carrey film (say no more!)

    ch5 10pm silence of the lambs, a classic horror with some classic lines!

    too be honest, the tv mag has rated the terrestrial films better than the digital films so I wont bore you with whats on!

    any views on the above films to help me make a choice please!!! :lol:

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    Hi Beth,

    If you haven't seen Me Myself and Irene, then I would thoroughly recommend it for light Wednesday night watching. It's one of Jim Carrey's better films (boo to The Cable Guy) and will definitely bring a smile

    The other two are on quite late, but go for it if you're a night owl.

    Blue Cow


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      Me, Myself and Irene is quite funny and good for a laugh if that's what's needed :lol: ,

      Personally, we're going for The Real Jason & the Argonauts followed by the fantastic Silence of the Lambs - if you've not seen that film, you must choose that one instead of either of the other two.


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        Can I have the full SKY Digital line up too please Beth?! :P


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          you should all ready be watching me,myself 'n' irene...hillarious!

          midnight run is preddy good too, bit late though :P

          you could always watch the dvd of moulin rouge?


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            Originally posted by vernon@Oct 8 2003, 9:33 PM

            you could always watch the dvd of moulin rouge?
            yeah....when you get round to lending it too me!!

            Ooo...I found my MR cd, soundtrack.....guess where it was...yep in the cd player downstairs!

            I had to make big sorrys to Matthew! :lol:

            (I decided I hate Jim Carey too much to watch him!)


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              blummin ITV tankers

              they edited me myself n irene to ****!

              killed all the timing...what i can wholeheartedly say Don't watch that which is already on coz its no near as funny!

              watch moulin rouge instead...oh, wait...