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i borrowed "Donnie Darko" on DVD

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  • i borrowed "Donnie Darko" on DVD

    What a great film!!

    all weird and unique and has stuff you should think about plus some black humour...genius! and with a good ending too!

    i just felt like saying thats a good film well worth viewing, but i spose if i was just saying things i cold also say "always floss and eat plenty of vegatables (not trying to do both at once) "

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    Couldn't get over the enormous evil rabbit from hell myself!


    Original plot line though.


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      I thought it was really good, thought provoking etc. Liked the songs too, especially the accoustic version of Mad World by Tears for Fears. I enjoyed Vanilla Sky too, same kind of themes involved. SOme good stuff coming out these days.


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        i have nut seen vanilla sky, i saw most of the film it was based on .."obre los ojos"..i was too tired to pay attension though ..i turned it on coz i heard it was supposed to be good and penelope cruz was in it

        was it penelope pitstop in wacky races :?P