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i just watched "roman holiday"

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  • i just watched "roman holiday"


    Audrey hepburn was a bit of a looker :P

    i saw almost all of "the seven year itch" too.

    i enjoyed both of those films.

    A good twenty fours hours for golden will be " battleship potemkin" :P

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    Is there no end to this man's thirst for cinematic knowledge? :P

    Some of the oldies are the best, eh?

    Try "Spiral Staircase", Vern.....spooky oldie


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      not heard of that till now..i saw some old films :

      "touch of evil" , "lolita" tres gut

      and some hitchcockopian wuns..rear window, psycho, north by northwest...and i seenerated "rebel without a guaze" and the longest film ever "giant"

      ...."bringing up baby" was genius, but i think i said that already..

      i even remember seeing a film called "tea and sympathy"..always remember that title...watched when was off school for some reason...

      seven samuria was a goodum oldie too...

      i haven't seen citizen kane, which is apparently a fairly good old film.

      "short cuts" was a good recentish film.



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        You know that scene in Roman Holiday, where Gregory Peck sticks his hand in the mouth of a statue type thing and pretends it's been bitten off? Well that wasn't in the script , he did it as a prank on Audrey Hepburn. Her reaction was genuine. The director decided it was funny kept it in the film.

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          good trivia!

          i liked the bit with audrey hepburn in!


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            Favourite oldie has to be "It's a Wonderful Life" :cry:


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              i am desperate for 'How to Murder Your wife', starring Jack Lemmon and Terry Thomas to come on telly, so i can tape it.

              i have scoured the internet in search of a dvd or vid to buy but alas, no success.

              it is such a great film, soo funny and so 1960's, wicked.

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                was terry thomas the guy who says "Diiiiing , Dong!"

                hehehe *imagining the voice used to say that*