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  • Face/Off

    For all of you that have watched the fantastic film Face/Off.

    If you had to swap faces with someone, who would it be and why - what would you want to achieve?

    And, did you like the film? :P

    [Personally, I thought the film was great - the best John T has done, even better than Grease and that's going some ]

  • #2
    hol, never seen it!! Obviously must watch it.....

    Swap with someone? Hmmmm....marilyn, if only to find out what REALLY happened.



    • #3
      marilyn manson?


      "oh well oh well oh well ah ha tell me more tell mo more, like does he have a car"

      yes, that was me singing


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        I liked the film

        and I am quite happy with my face, dont think I would want to look like any one else at all

        did you see the woman who had plastic surgery and all looked like barbie??

        there were 3 of them who all looked the same!!

        I like being orginal and looking like me!!

        ok so I have a few imperfections but that makes me who I am!!! :lol:


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          Vern! Had to cover my ears! :P



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            i liked the film, even tho i winced at the horrble violence, also i would have preferred it if JT (who i love to bits) was the nice bloke instead of the evil g*t.

            i liked JT in 'Michael', such a cutie, but i thought his love interest Rene Russo was yuk yuk, tooo skinny and no chemistry at all with JT.

            anyway you know what i was gonna say i would swop my face with my nfh just so i could get an understanding of her behaviour, but god, wouldn t that be tedious???? :lol: and there is no way i would want HER anywhere near my kid and husband....oooohhnooo.

            i think i would prefer to be a fly on the wall rather than swop faces with anyone.

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