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Weekend Dvd Selection

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  • Weekend Dvd Selection

    Just to let you all know that we've got some films out to watch this weekend:

    Final Destination 2

    The Pianist

    The Ring

    I shall report back on my viewings later this weekend.

    Anyone watched any of them? If so what did you think?

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    i saw final destination one, which doesn't help...popcorn type stuff, i want to download the pianist that has sounded okay and polanski has done some very gut films,

    you rented "the ring" the yankey remake or the original japanese cult film ringu, i haven't seen either...and not sure if the japanese one is out here...but heard its good and spine tingleyley


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      Even tho' I don't have a dvd player...shall watch the reviews with interest. :P Will be out on video in about a year...maybe get to see them, by the time you've all reviewed them :lol:


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        The Pianist - excellent film (I thought I would get bored, but the fil was rivetting). What happened in Warsaw during WW2 was awful, barbaric treatment. Adrien Brody was very good in it. (Maureen Lipman and Nigel from Eastenders were also in it).

        The Ring - (not the Japanese original), quite good, some gruesome bits. Abit of a let down at the end.

        Final Destination 2 - all I can say is :sicky: - watch your popcorn :lol: Amazing freeway scene near the beginning :drive: :crazy:


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          Forgot to say, for all you that love the dentist, there's a great scene in Final Destination 2 :lol: :sicky:


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            Did you end up with a plastic fish in your mouth? :blink: :hihi: :hihi: :lol: