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Signs - Mel Gibson

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  • Signs - Mel Gibson

    Anyone else (apart from Matthew) seen this film?

    What a waste of time and money that was.

    It was just a film of nothingness.

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    I saw it and agree,rubbish. No story at all, totally relying on Mel Gibson to carry it though.

    One thing that I never figured was if these alians were so clever how come the one trapped in the larder coulden't get out. They couldn't even figure out how to operate door handles

    Very poor.



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      I have to admit I was dissapointed in it, especially as the last film I'd seen with Mel Gibson in it was hilarious - "What Women Want"


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        Matthew - would you like me to split that post as you're going off on a tangent? I could quite happily talk about a differnt film here - what about Braveheart? :P

        Signs = rubbish.

        Yeah, what was that about the handles, the crops? That thing that wandered in and out of the lounge???

        Like I said a flim of nothingness.


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          Go On....


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            New thread required for that!

            This is about Signs.

            Film with very wooden actors, one funny thing in a suit that tottered around a lounge and couldn't use handles.

            Was there a dog in the film? If so, that was the best actor - obviously not that good a performance though because I can't quite remember. Oh, did the "things" get it? :blink: i.e. the wheat crop?


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     weren't keen on Signs :lol: start the Braveheart thread then :P (Didn't know you were a fan!)


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                I liked signs

                and so did a friend at work, we were talking about it today

                a thinking film, what could actually be, aliens might not be like star trek and want to haverst us and our resources instead of wanting to be our bezzie buddies

                there were two dogs in the film both made untimely demises.

                actually I thoughly enjoyed the film, it was a good late afternoon film (curled up on the sofa with a big bar of choccy!!)

                I dont like Mel Gibson in everything though