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  • Wallpaper

    Just doing the kitchen with tile-style wallpaper - everything fine until we reached the bit behind the sink taps. Seems it`s always damp and nothing will stick to it. It doesn`t ever get splashed, so it must be coming from elsewhere. Anyway, I would have preferred to continue the wallpaper there, instead of ceramic tiles, which seems to be the normal way of doing it. This paper just won`t hold though.

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    No-Nails glue?!

    Naaaa, seriously, I bet MR U will have the solution!


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      Seems it’s always damp ...[/b]
      If this is your house, then you really need to find out why?

      If this is a Council house, tell 'em you have damp & mould and the kids are constantly ill.
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        Im afraid that Muckshifter has beaten me to this well chosen answer.


        Good on ya mate.

        Suppose i will have to wait in background till someone errrs.

        I shall be back. h34r:


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          hehe What Matthew says in jest about NoNails, I almost did

          Problem is, is that it`s our house - there are no pipes in the wall and it`s fairly thick. On the same wall, to the top-left is a massive hole where a grill is waiting to be fixed. I can put my hand in and feel a cavity in the wall. How about just feeding a pipe in and insulating it?


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            From what i have read it would seem that you have a damp type problem

            at tap level by your kitchen sink.

            You cannot get your tile style wallpaper to stick in this area.

            You say that water is not splashed around the vicinity of the wall behind

            the taps.Not that it would make much difference.

            Without coming round to your house and investigating the problem i can

            only suggest one thing.

            You need to make a visit to your local hardware shop/store.

            Get hold of one of the assistants and ask for an exterior paint such as

            sandtex.This is a waterproof paint when dry.It comes in limited colours.

            Apply it to your damp area around your taps and let it dry.

            You should then have no problems with your wallpaper hanging.

            good luck m8.