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    I'm really pleased to see Dr Who making an appearance again, I always used to enjoy it and thought the last comeback by Paul McGann in '96 was great - lets hope it lasts this time!

    Withnail And I star Richard E Grant is to become Doctor Who as the BBC revives the hit series.

    The Timelord has not been seen since a 1996 movie in which he was played by Paul McGann.

    Now he is to become a new incarnation of the Doctor for an animated adventure to be screened by the BBC's interactive service BBCi.

    He is due to return in mid-November, in time to celebrate the show's 40th anniversary this year.

    The Doctor roamed the galaxy and travelled through time in the Tardis, defeating evil foes such as the Daleks and Cybermen.

    The BBC1 series was once a staple of Saturday early evening viewing, prompting a generation to hide behind the sofa at the appearance of the villains.

    But it was axed in 1989 after seven actors including Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker and Peter Davidson had played the title role.

    Grant said his interpretation of the character was something of a "Sherlock Holmes in Space," approach.

    The new story has been scripted by established TV writer Paul Cornell who has worked on series such as Casualty. He has written a number of Doctor Who novels.

    Cornell said: "I'm honoured to have the chance to set the Doctor off on another 40 years of adventures.

    "Just wait until you hear Richard - he is the Doctor."


    Well with that and the recent return of 'Mastermind' (anyone seen it?) - how many more comebacks are planned?

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    Perhaps we could campaign for Richard E to exterminate the you-know-whos's?


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      Sounds good, Jon Pertwee was the Doc that I grew up with. I would like to see it come back as live action and with a serious tone capturing the 60s British whimsy feel such as the Avengers and The Prisoner.


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        Originally posted by Eckie@Jul 19 2003, 11:26 PM

        The Prisoner

        The Prisoner........oooooh, Prisoner Remakes too, there's a thought? Wonder if they would work and capture the feeling of the 60's series if done?


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          Hi Mathew,

          Wasn't Patrick Macgoohan(?) writing a scipt for a movie update or something? It was a pity the Avengers film was poor though parts of it were quite good, I heard that the studio cut about 40 mins out before release.