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  • Wibble Et Extremis

    The post is to say woohoo as i finally got my good laptop back (bl**dy pc world..last time they get any of my business in any way shape or form).

    In the course of putting that i found out i can't use this board when i have my firewall turned on...refuses to accept i am logged in...spose it is a cookie type thing as the firewall says it makes me all invisable when hon-line.

    Anyone else with zonealarmpro would probably expect the same thing ..oh dear i'm running without the protection of the firewall....all those sensitive government files could be hacked and shtolen. There is a slight possibilty i just exaggerated a bit.

    Goooo..... Henman!

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    i was just gonna replace the word ****** with bl**dy in light of reading the words thing by beth in ranters bit....i think it was in ranters bit...but low and behold its already been changed, so there was no reason to put this reply

    can i still say bl**dy students?

    *cough* *wink* matthew