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Number Plate - bulb woes..!

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  • Number Plate - bulb woes..!

    DIY query,

    Mr. Unhappy - I have been trying to get the plastic bulb cover off my number plate light but the screws just won't budge. Have tried WD40, 3-in-1 oil to no effect at all. They seem to be totally rusted in. This seems a pathetic thing to have to take my car into a garage for but I can't see any alternative.

    Any advice on how I can get my screws loose?

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    (Moved this to make a new topic Jeannie, hope you don't mind )

    Can you carefully drill them out with a small drill bit (even hand drill?) or will that damage the car?

    Over to the expert though with this one with Mr U!


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      Matthew - me and a drill. Me and a drill and my car. Me and my drill and my car = huge insurance claim probably.

      It is probably the only answer though but I've never done that before so will have to look like dafty woman and take it into a garage full of burly blokes, clutching my 50p bulb and looking feeble. At least then I can blame them for making a mess instead of kneeling on the floor mumbling "WHY did I do that????"


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        HI JEANNIE.

        just read your posting about troublesome screws in numberplate

        light.WD40 AND 3 IN ONE OIL WONT WORK on this problem.

        I dont know what kind of screws hold your number plate light

        in place, but this little trick works 70% of the time.

        get your screwdriver and put it in the screw.You then hit the top

        of the handle of the screwdriver with a hammer whilst trying to

        unscrew it at the same time.This should, hopefully break the

        hold of the rust.

        IF you are successfull and it does come undone you can praise me.

        Dont hit it too hard though.I dont want to be blamed for breakages.


        PS:- dont forget to put grease/oil on the screws when you put them

        back.(solves the prob next time round)


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          Ooh, I'll remember that Mr U - thanks for that. I've not had the car bulb problem, but have with rusty screws that won't budge.

          When I use a screw now, I usually turn it in a bar of soap first.


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            Right, hammer and screwdriver ready for the weekend ...

            Thanks Mr. U. Will give it a try and let you know if successful.

            I don't actually have a bar of soap in the house Holly. I only use the liquid stuff. Guess that wouldn't give quite the same effect.


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              Originally posted by hollygolightly@Jun 27 2003, 10:20 AM

              When I use a screw now, I usually turn it in a bar of soap first.
              That's a good idea


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                Have you managed to remove them yet?