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E.mail Scam.

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  • E.mail Scam.


    Today 19th june 2003 i recieved an e.mail,it was from a mohammed abacha.

    cutting through all the drivel,it basically said he has $20 million locked

    away in a security company abroad.

    He wants me to go there and collect it,he has all the valid documents required

    to clear me through security.

    The best part is he wants my tel no,fax no,copy of picture and driving

    licence or passport.

    This guy is a muppet,he must think we were born yesterday.

    I did a bit of research on the internet and found out it was a hoax.

    This is a scam which has been going on for 10 yrs.

    It starts out like this,


    Date: 19/06/03 15:30:29 GMT Daylight Time

    From [email protected]

    To ???????????????.

    Dear friend,I am mohammed abacha,son of the late head of state of Nigeria,

    General Sani Abacha.

    I wont go on any further as this thing fills a whole sheet of a4 paper.

    if you get bored you can research this muppet by typing the Generals

    name in your search bar. The whole thing is a ripoff.

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    thanks for that Mrunhappy!

    I have recieved similar things, there are also a lot going around that say they are in need of cash to fight a war!

    mmm, everyone wants something


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      Yep, I've had a few of those in the last couple of years. I reported on to the an Irish ISP because someone was using an email account provided by them. Never heard anything back.

      If you go to: you can find out what the latest scams are.

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        They did a Watchdog kind of thing about this. People had been dumb enough to hand over about £5K. Then they got a letter saying that there ws trouble processing the documents and would need another £5K, then another £10K etc. It works on the principal that eventually they'll find someone daft enough to part with the initial money and then, because they don't want to lose that, they gamble even more to try and save it.

        They supposedly pinned the guy responsible down in a hotel in London but it appears the scam hasn't gone away.


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          We've had similar letters, but mainly regarding issues in S Africa.


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            Like Badger says, wonder how many people actually fall for this kinda stuff?

            I spose even if just one person out of every thousand does it and you spam hundreds of thousands of people with the same message, it's going to be at least a little bit profitable for them? Sheesh.

            Thanks for that Mr U


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              Hmmm. have you ever had that letter where it asks that you send £1.00 to the person at the top of the list or something and then you send out about 200 letters of your own and, supposedly, you will end up with £££££££££££££££s?

              Strangest one I had was this bizarre literature that proclaimed that if you sent some money you could buy this "secret". The secret was how to get people to do what you wanted them to do, or get the bank to give you money and people to like you and all sorts of weird stuff. It said it wasn't hypnosis or drugs or anything like that but you had to send more pounds to find out this wonderful way of controlling people. Had loads of statements from "Mr. B of Leicester" saying: I can't believe my life has changed. I worked in a factory scraping a living and now I have a 60 foot yacht and a villa in the Maldives, thanks to the Secret".

              It was so tempting I nearly got the cheque book out