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Pressure Washers.

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  • Pressure Washers.


    I have been reading many forums and i have noticed the

    increasing interests in these useful pieces of equipment.

    It was from an earlier posting today from matthew which

    spawned this posting.

    As you may/not know.The pressure washer operates at

    a higher pressure than the water you get out of your

    cold tap,aprox 8 times more,which means, the jet of

    water coming out of the nozzle has a pressure of anything

    between 150 and 180 psi (pounds per square inch).

    This makes it a wonderful tool for removing weeds from

    your patio,moss from stonework,the orrible grey/black

    stuff which ruins your patio stones.

    Now Matthew,you mentioned something about jet washers

    in garages having the ability to damage tyres/wheels.

    This is not true because they run at lower pressures than

    the ones you can buy from Halfords or other good car

    accessory shops.

    Just imagine all the claims for damages to cars from owners

    who have used the local garage jetwash

    I have used a pressure washer to clean my car and it does do

    a good job but you have to be carefull where you point it on the


    My suggestion is keep it away from the window seals and all gaps

    around car doors.Dont even think about using it on the engine.

    If your car is rusty, dont use a pressure washer on it,it will take

    the paint around the rust clean off,which will cause more rust.

    Its now time for mrunhappy to shut up