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Cash Card Theft...

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  • Cash Card Theft...

    a warning to all you internet shoppers..

    A friend of mine noticed this week that their bank account was 150 quid down..strange they thought....rang the bank and yes the cash card had been used on thursday in Bolton....but ...replied my friend...I have never been to Bolton!

    on the Thursday in question they were at home in Leeds with said cash card firmly stashed in their wallet.

    it is believed that the card details were intercepted over the internet while making a purchase and a duplicate card was then made.

    Luckily the bank have refunded the monies taken and the card has now been cancelled, also the bank are making enquiries/investigations into who or whom did this.

    so please beware, it is a good idea to have just one card you use on the internet and then it is easier to spot errors.

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    I'm still wary of buying over the internet, made my first purchase when I was ill buying a stash of clothes - I blame the side effects of the pills I was on.

    I think major bone fide sites have encryption.

    My partner does all his financial dealings over the internet now and it scares the pants off me, mind you he checks statements like a hawk - always has.So I'm taking it this was a major high street bank site? A bit frightening.

    ......Just read your posting Badger about the padlock at the bottom of the page - yep, the site I bought my clothes off had the padlock and it was encrypted.

    I was going to buy a Jackass tee shirt off the net the same day but two sites selling them aren't encrypted - and I want a Jackass t shirt!!!


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      Originally posted by Badger@Jun 13 2003, 4:26 PM

      Also, make sure you use a secure connection.
      Good point Badger - always look to see if the webpage begins with https://

      not http://


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        i have never yet dared buy on the interweb, the real reason for this reply is i like beths avatar...Mmm said doogle?


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          Yep, beware.

          Mate of mine is down £450 for same reasons.

          I only do occasional food shopping online.

          Also... beware of buying from overseas sites. A friend of the family bought a T-shirt from the USA and paid something ridiculous like £70 inc postage. But, Customs and Excise intercepted it and then sent a bill charging some crazy amount in import duty (or something?).


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            Told partner to check and rethink. Hmn... where to get my Jackass T shirt from.

            Don't fancy paying 70 squideroos for it.


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              Here you go:


              Your jackass t-shirt is £13, don't know how much the shipping charge is. It is a secure site (padlock at the bottom).

              Just be careful!

              I'm now going to have a further look around that site...


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                Hi holly!

                Said friend has registered, and now has lost a further £250 on credit card this time!! Life's a b*tch!



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                  Hi sapphire and welcome to the Forum - glad you could join us at last


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                    Originally posted by sapphirelily10@Jun 14 2003, 10:23 PM

                    Said friend has registered, and now has lost a further £250 on credit card this time!! Life's a b*tch!

                    Hi Sapph

                    Big welcome to the board, come post when you like! Hope the bank refund you BTW.


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                      welcome to you Sapphire lily!

                      nice to have you on board. hope you get your cash back!


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                        HOLLY THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        Just picked up the messages! Will be buying one any second after I've got off NFH!!!!!!!!!


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                          Hi all!

                          Said bank has now refunded debit card fraud. Investigated credit card fraud by myself, and discovered culprit a (only just) ex-colleague....not sure yet if that will be refunded....hard lessons to be learnt

                          Never mind nfh....friends from hell exist too!

                          Enjoying extensive web-site....I spy higher internet bills